Everything you need to know about iPhone iPad and iPod Touch Jailbreaking and Unlocking

Today I would like to talk to you about the advantages of jailbreaking an
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There is a lot of misinformation spreading around
the internet and by word-of-mouth about jailbreaking. Firstly, I would like to
point out that a recent DMCA ruling has stated that the act of jailbreaking an
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is 100% legal. It is much like putting after-market
parts in your car. Once you purchase the device, you own it, and thusly you can
use it however you want. So now that that's out of the way, I want to tell you
about what it means to jailbreak. By technical definition, jailbreaking means
getting root access to your device. In simple terms, this means that you can
install a 3rd party application store called

. In this store, you will find 3rd party applications and tweaks that
will allow you more customization than you would have right out of the box. You
can install themes, tweaks and hacks to make your device work better for you and
perform tasks that Apple doesn't allow it to perform. You can also fully theme
your device so it doesn't look anything like it used to.

First you must
jailbreak your device, you can check out these
jailbreak tutorials.
After you've jailbroken your device you can also unlock it so that it can be
used on unsupported carriers such as T-Mobile. Remember you have to jailbreak
your device first before unlocking. After you're jailbroken you want to install
a 3rd party application called

Ultrasn0w unlock
. After the ultrasn0w app is installed, all you need to do
is pop in your SIM and you are good to go!

It is VERY important to note that any time you update or restore your device,
you will lose your jailbreak and your unlock. Because of this it is not
reccomended to upgrade at any time if iTunes asks you too. If you want to
upgrade make sure that the firmware that you are upgrading to is jailbreakable
and that the baseband included in the firmware is unlockable. Also, please be
sure to always save your SHSH files, these are signature files that are unique
to each device on each different firmware revision and if you do not save your
SHSH you will quite possibly NEVER be able to downgrade to that firmware again.
For more information read this

TinyUmbrella Tutorial

If you're ever unsure if your firmware is jailbreakable or you just want some
help you can check out this
iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking
website that provides up-to-date news,
tutorials, downloads and live chat for everything dealing with jailbreaking and
unlocking.http://iphoneblogr.com – iDevice Jailbreaking and Unlocking news, tutorials, downloads and live chat.

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